Port Hosts Vietnamese Exchange Employee

On Thursday, October 10, the Port welcomed Brian Nguyen, a Vietnamese exchange employee who will work at the Port for approximately one month. He is the marketing and sales director for two Vietnamese marine terminals, CICT and SSIT, and he has accrued approximately 15 years of experience working in the maritime industry.

Mr. Nguyen was placed with the Port as part of the Department of State’s Professional Fellows program. Sebastian Degens, general manager marine and terminal business development, and Steve Mickelson, marine business development manager, will work closely with him during his brief time at the Port. Port staff will provide insight into operations at the Port of Portland.

During the exchange, Mr. Nguyen has offered to give presentations about Vietnam, its port systems and the two terminals he works for. He says he is eager to learn about the Port of Portland.

“This is a great opportunity for mutual exchange,” said Sam Ruda, chief commercial officer. “Brian comes to us with a very impressive resume and background and we are very pleased to be participating in this Department of State program.”