Unique Partnership Delivers Sculpture to Cascade Station

At the Mt. Hood Ave MAX Station at Cascade Station, a new public art work entitled “Cloud Cavu” has appeared along with the arrival of fall’s cloud cover.

Designed, fabricated and installed by Portland’s rhiza A+D architecture and design, the sculpture represents a unique public and private partnership involving TriMet, the Portland Development Commission, Summit Group/Residence Inn and the Port of Portland.

Cavu” is an aviation term meaning ceiling and visibility unlimited. “Cloud Cavu is formed around the experience of arriving and departing by plane through Portland’s winter cloud-filled sky”, says rhiza spokesman, Ean Eldred. “Riding Max to the airport, one passes the sculpture with its allusion to takeoff and descent”.

The piece, composed of brushed aluminum and stainless steel, filled a design void at the westernmost of the two light rail stops in Cascade Station. Since the development phase started, the eastern Cascades MAX Station has appeared fully completed with lush landscaping and other pedestrian amenities. On the west end, the Mt. Hood Ave MAX Station lacked such improvements.

When the Residence Inn was approved, developers at Summit Group offered to contribute up to $30,000 toward a public art installation at the nearby station. The commitment was in the form of a challenge, to be matched dollar for dollar within two years. Ultimately, the Portland Development Commission Board agreed to fund the $30,000 match, which enabled design and construction of the piece.

“From PDC’s standpoint, this is a classic public/private partnership that leveraged a relatively small commitment by the private sector into a much larger benefit for the Cascade Station development, as well as those millions of Max riders coming to shop, or just passing through on their way to or from the airport,” said Bruce Allen, senior development manager with the Portland Development Commission.